What is GitBook?

GitBook is a popular documentation tool

It's sort of like an open notebook but lends its name from "git" which is a version control system. After trialing many different note tools in the past 15 years, I've settled on these guys! It just looks so cool! 😁

Jesse's GitBook is hosted by gitbook.com

Although you probably got here from my website (jessepelley.ca) the entire notebook is hosted separately from my own server's website (here at jjjp.ca).

What will I be using this for?

I have found that I have a terrible memory and yet I often spend hours troubleshooting the most obscure things. This is a knowledge base for myself and if others find it helpful, then great!

Here's a short list of the content that will be here:

  • Purchasing your own domain and website

  • Hosting your own website

  • Writing HTML and PHP

  • Visual Basic for applications

  • Microsoft Access database

  • Excel functions, in particular with Access

  • Manipulating and reading XML and Word Documents using VBA

  • Visual Basic Script

  • Downloading Movies and TV Shows

  • Using ffmpeg to change video containers without re encoding the video

  • Storing and backing up your own data (instead of paying for a "Cloud")

  • Other random troubleshooting things

  • Using wiki and note software!